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Most Paused Movie Scenes Of All Time That You Can’t Watch Without

So here we have a summary of the most stopped and replayed scenes of film history. I’m certain you would identify with some of them.
Most Paused Movie Scenes Of All Time That You Can't Watch Without
1: Psycho (1960)
Psycho (1960)

Horror flick by Alfred Hitchcock. This is when Norman Bates gets arrested, When he confronts the camera, a human skull superimposes his face. Stop, play delay, play.

2: Scanners (1981)
Scanners (1981)
Michael Ironside explodes the head of a man with his psychic powerss. You will have a hard time believing how rapidly it happened and would require another look.

3: Fight Club (1999)
Fight Club (1999)
Now this one doesn’t have any graphic content or brutal scenes. It’s paused again and again merely for the appearance of Brad Pitt in places he shouldn’t be. People didn’t even know him then.

4: Total Recall (1990)
Total Recall (1990)
Arnold Schwarzenegger was all pitiless and merciless and terrified us in numerous depictions of pulverization and brutality here. Be that as it may, the scene that got every one of the delays was the look at this lady. That was the ideal wonder for us. Have an eyeful.

5: Wild Things (1998)
Wild Things (1998)
In 1998 came Neve Campbell creating the wildest of wilds scenes when she kissed Denise Richards. You certainly won’t want to miss a second glance. A movie plucked from a teenager’s head.
6: SHE IS THE MAN (2006)
She's The Man (2006)
And this is one of the classics. When 19 years old Amanda Bynes lifts her shirt to show other boys that she’s, in fact, a girl, even the audience wanted a visual proof. Teenagers around the world were drooling over it.

7: IRON MAN (2008)
Iron Man (2008)
Even before we knew that the Marvel characters would feature together, some of their movies dropped some hint for us that got unnoticed. This scene in Iron Man had an incomplete prototype of Captain America’s shield. Have you seen it?

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