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8 Weird Things We Spotted In The Backgrounds Of Movies

1 Despicable Me

Despicable Me featured a gag that was actually aimed at adults.

Look, we hate Minions, but it is hilarious that the creators of Despicable Me had just slipped in a quick make out joke in one of the shots to the Minion crowd.

2 Jurassic Park

This Jurassic Park blooper is really very hard to miss after you have actually seen it.

Look over the T. Rexs head; there is a sprinkler. Apparently, the cameraman panned a little too far up.

3 The Goofy Movie


The Goofy Movie was made by Disney.

It makes actual sense that they did not include a nod to one of their most famous characters. The dog face is a nice touch.

4 Return of the Jedi.

Boba Fett flies past Lukes fight scene in Return of the Jedi.

Of course, we were too focused on Luke to notice. It is actually hilarious, though; Fetts out of control, and he looks like a rag doll. Also, Luke clearly did not kick that guy.

5 Mr. Nanny,

In this scene from Mr. Nanny, something is, uh, happening.

Apparently, the guy in the background needs to dispose of a dog and cannot think of any other way. We have no idea why this actually happened

6 I Am Legend,

In I Am Legend, there is an ad for Batman Vs. Superman in the background.

I Am Legend came out quite a long time before Batman Vs. Superman was even announced. Of course, DC has always been talking about making the movie for quite a while, so its not too crazy.

7 Better Off Ted.

Alright, this is from a TV show, not a movie.

It is from Better Off Ted. Fans of Doctor Who will notice the Dalek in the background; it is a neat nod to the long-running British sci-fi show.

8 Titanic.

Look closely when Rose swings the ax in Titanic.

Yeah, her aim is really very awful. In real life, Jack would be missing a hand

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