15 Lies That Girls Tell Their Boyfriends

  1. I have a period breaking point to get back home.
  2. I purchased this costly sack since it was discounted (2% off).
  3. I hate to follow individuals on Facebook and other online media sites.
  4. I am occupied this coming weekend.
  5. That young lady looks great despite the fact that from within I disdain her.
  6. I take just 10 mins to get ready.
  7. I am not desirous of that young lady who you talk about all in all a lot.
  8. I am not eager. Despite the fact that from within I’m starving.
  9. I am not furious, I’m fine, it’s cool.
  10. My battery is going to pass on. Be that as it may, in all actuality I would prefer not to converse with you.
  11. You can would whatever you like to. In any case, rather do just what I need you to do.
  12. I have had encounters with guys.
  13. I have not watched or perused the dusk saga.
  14. I am very independent.
  15. I can go any place I can’t to without requiring my folks’ permission.
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